Month 9 See dem Piggies!

I revealed my profile on sites 4 and 5 again as was getting a bit frustrated with nothing moving forward. I was contacted by a guy in Manchester, shan’t give him a name initial as we shan’t be talking again but he is 54 years old. He made initial contact and I wasn’t overly attracted and as he lived a long distance away, said there wasn’t any mileage in keeping contact, but he persisted so I agreed to talk on KIK for a while to see how it went. It started off ok and whilst he was quite explicit from the outset, I went along with it for a day or two. However, he was into a type of roleplay which although I went along with it the first time, when he ‘stayed in character’ each time he contacted me I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with it. I challenged him about it more than once. He said eventually that he’d decided to drop it with me but wanted to stay in touch as he felt there was a real connection, I disagreed and said I didn’t think there was. Instead of just saying good-bye and leaving it at that, he sent me a last message saying I am obviously too old and set in my ways to change. He said that I say I’m willing to try things but am not open minded. He continued that he would delete my contact details and I just replied that maybe he’s right and that I would do the same. His idea of roleplay was incestuous and he said I needed to divorce roleplay from reality but I’m not  ashamed of being uncomfortable with that sort of activity and I was even more cross that he was asking questions about my own children. Some people do leave a nasty taste in the mouth and he’s one who has. I should have followed first instincts.

Thank goodness there were still others in regular contact who make me feel good about myself. I also resurrected 3 contacts who had shown interest in the past but I hadn’t really had time to follow through and meet. In addition I had one or two new contacts, in particular G (41) from Bridge who contacted me on Saturday and we met on the seafront of my home town the next day. A Bohemian individual, who would not usually be ‘my type’ but is obviously very intelligent and he certainly interested me. We spent a few hours ‘pub crawling’ round the town but it was difficult to find somewhere both comfortable and quiet to chat. We parted with a kiss and an agreement to meet again soon. Indeed later agreed to meet the following Saturday

I was already committed to go to Suffolk for a couple of days this week and planned to meet T (55) from Great Yarmouth on the first day and D (61) from Ipswich on the second. I duly trundled up the A12 but the pub I had chosen to stay in was truly out ‘in the sticks’ and I had trouble finding it. I didn’t arrive till just after 2pm and the kitchen had stopped serving food. As I’d left home without breakfast, I was disappointed. They couldn’t even make me a sandwich as the oven was being deep cleaned and the kitchen was out of bounds, not a happy bunny! Both meetings happened but sadly did not quite come up to expectations for different reasons, no-one’s fault but disappointing. I was supposed to have another first date on Friday evening too (strangely with someone from my ‘jinxed’ area where nothing works out) and true to form he cancelled.

Saturday arrived and I met again with G (41) of Bridge, he was supposed to be bringing a DVD to mine to watch as he’s a bit of a film buff but sadly he forgot it and my collection is not much to his taste – he likes small budget British films and old B movies not Hollywood blockbusters. Never mind, we found something to view whilst we chatted and shared a bottle or two of wine. I know we shall have quite a friendship.

My dear friend and ‘woman of the world’ has this small garden statue which I have always found amusing. I think now is a good time to share a picture of it with you as it may be my last blog. Is this ‘bringing home the bacon’?

Piggies 3cropped

I am due to meet R (67) from Twickenham on Wednesday afternoon. I shall continue to keep in touch with guys I am already talking to but shall not seek new friends for now so this may be my last blog on the subject but time will tell. Since starting my journey last October, I have had 15 first dates (most of them pleasant, if not likely to lead anywhere) and 4 second dates so I really don’t think that is excessive. I have found the whole experience enlightening and enjoyable and if I decide to return to dating sites, I’ll be so much better prepared next time.


Month 8 (Part 3) Nearing the end of the journey

I feel slightly in a state of limbo, excited but a little nervous about the week-end ahead when I hope to meet the gent who has made me this tempting offer and how it might be pivotal to my future life, yet, at the same time, a bit irritated because a lot of fellows I am hoping to meet up with are unable to find the time or source a suitable venue or whatever just when I am ready to move forward. How very dare they not be available at the click of my fingers! I think my Domme personality is beginning to raise its head but not necessarily with the right people, though having read the blog, two or three men have offered to let me take charge!  I have hidden my profile on both dating sites again till things sort themselves out. I have plenty of contacts for now and will see how things go. Some go back almost to the start of my dating journey though we haven’t met yet but they are obviously still interested so I won’t be greedy and encourage more!

Research is still continuing into D/s relationships and how they work and I’m even watching occasional porn clips which I would have been appalled at watching a few months ago. How my boundaries have moved! Even now, I can’t say I enjoy porn but am more interested from a technical point of view.

I think also maybe my blog has run its course. It was never meant to be about my sex life but about my dating journey and whether next week-end’s meeting, assuming it goes ahead, is successful or not, and whether I finally decide to follow that course with my life, I can certainly say I have had the most mind-blowing journey and I’ve enjoyed sharing it. I have also been gratified by the comments and messages of support I’ve received from interested readers. I never thought it would have the wider appeal it seems to have gathered en route. Who knows, maybe I’ll find something else to blog about? I shall certainly write for at least one more week as I 69think some regular  followers may be interested but I’ll see after that. I’m not sure where the journey could now take me and I don’t want it to become boring. It was my birthday a few days ago, I am now 69 which has been commented that it’s an interesting number to be, maybe that’s why it is time to stop writing and start living more.

Month 8 (part 2) Domme training!

Well who’d have thought it? I, the archetypal ‘vanilla sex’ girl, is considering becoming a Domme to a very nice man if we get on well enough when we meet. Although my earlier reading has made me more knowledgeable about the world of BDSM, I didn’t really think I would be considering making this my future sex life! Not sure all my other potential dates would like to see me that way either, I guess, but shall certainly carry on dating till decisions are made and if it does work out, some may be happy to be ‘Friends with Benefits’ as it seems that is allowed in my new role.

If I do agree to go that route, I will embrace it to the best of my ability, hence, once again DommeI am reading avidly books and recommended websites. It actually all sounds pretty awesome! I am aware I’ve always been a bit on the bossy side, a natural organiser and leader but never visualised myself as a Domme. Thank goodness he says I don’t have to dress in leather and wield a whip! I’ll try and keep an open mind but am becoming more and more attracted to the idea the more I talk to him about it. I also need to be very sure that I am making any commitment for the right reasons, there is a lot to consider, not least my Christian faith, which is important to me. Have even discussed the possibility with my vicar, all a bit distressing but heard nothing I wasn’t expecting. However, I am still trying to square the circle and don’t need to make decisions yet.

Meanwhile other dating chats continue. R (67) of Twickenham hadn’t taken offence at my blog at all, he’d just been poorly so not in touch. We postponed our date till he is fully recovered and I am less busy. M (42) of London has also been back in touch. It seems he just can stay away and just as I blogged how proud of him I was for giving me up!!

R of Twickenham is, by his own admission becoming RR (Randy R…). There are frequent chats and video calls, I seem to be taking daily selfies for him – and others – and I hate being in photos at the best of times but then it seems I am becoming a new woman so perhaps that is why I am taking it in my stride.

I will also not put up with guys who only know me slightly through chat and / or one meeting, telling me what I should or should not be doing with my sex life. I put my point of view but if they don’t accept it then I can’t be bothered with them. Luckily I am fortunate to have options and will make my own mind up what I will or won’t do in my own time and my own way so G of Chelmsford (who thinks I’m greener than Kermit) and D of Charing have joined others in the reject file

I thought I was actually going to get a massage this week from A (55) from Westgate but we need somewhere discreet and he wasn’t available mid-week on an evening when I was free and he can’t afford the price of a hotel room at week-end rates and I’m sure not paying for it so that will stay in abeyance for now.

Very much looking forward to a meeting, hopefully next week, with S (60) of Wisbech and maybe R of Twickenham soon too so hope springs eternal.


Month 8 (Part 1) – “I can resist anything except temptation” – Oscar Wilde

Was told my last blog was depressing and when queried this with another was told that while it might not be depressing was maybe a little glum! Such are the ups and downs of dating but don’t wish to be either glum or depressing so happy to announce that this week has been much brighter!

It has been an interesting week: thought I had a date booked on Friday with the guy who last stood me up because he had to wait in for a parcel to be delivered. (Asked him what was in the parcel and he said a router so I told him he could think of me each time he used it and sent him a saucy pic!). Well I’d made him wait six weeks or so for another chance and eventually he made it back on the list. When we fixed the date a week ago I said not to let me down again and to confirm by mid-week if it was going ahead. Nothing heard so he’s in the reject file too and blocked on WhatsApp.

That said, another guy with the same forename but from a different town made contact, was very keen to meet and even took time off work to do so. At least with the first one deleted, I won’t send stuff to the wrong person! I met B (51) from Westbrook in a nearby town. We’d chatted on WhatsApp from the beginning as he was only on site 5 for a couple of days as was playing ducks and drakes with someone from work on the same site and didn’t want her to see him there. Apparently gossip is rife. We got on so well we agreed to meet within two days of first making contact but the weather was against us. It absolutely teemed with rain, so much so that he’d have got soaked in seconds walking to our agreed meeting place so I drove closer to pick him up. Windows were steamed up even before I met him and the rain was relentless. We abandoned the idea of a drink in a local hostelry as we’d have looked like drowned rats before we’d made it out of the car park so just drove to the cliffs and had our ‘get to know you’ type chat there and enjoyed each other’s company for a couple of hours.

Rain On Screen LargeG (51) of Chelmsford mentioned in Month 4 (part 2) blog got in touch again and said he’d like to meet; likewise S (60) from Wisbech, with whom I had been chatting on and off for over a month, who said he would soon be visiting his son who lives relatively locally.  I’d already arranged a date with R (67) of Twickenham for next week, though now actually think that last week’s blog has irritated him so he may not show, which is a shame, but overall I am feeling optimistic.

Had an audio telephone conversation with J (64) of Ulster, first mentioned in month 4 (part 3) blog. We have messaged fairly regularly since we first met on-line but this had been the first time we had actually heard each other’s voices. He liked my accent and I his. It also amazed me how someone who comes over so shy on-line can so come out of his shell when actually speaking. It seems he’s worried about being kicked off the site if he says the wrong things although I assured him if that were the case, not only I but most of the men I chat to would have been thrown off long ago but he’s not convinced.

I have received a very tempting offer if a certain gent and I hit it off but the question is, do I feel comfortable in accepting it? He is looking for a ‘strong minded lady’.  Incredibly, his main sexual pleasure is to do anything he is told to by ‘his lady’ to please her. He looks at this completely unselfishly as he ‘is programmed‘ by events in his past to do this and he gets his satisfaction from almost venerating [my word as I feel even less comfortable with his] her body in every way, even to the extent that he is happy for her to take lovers whilst he would be utterly faithful. Sounds so hedonistic but having heard his back-story, I actually do believe that this is what he wants but I am struggling to get my head round it. Apart from the fact that I am used to being monogamous, unless I really fell in love with him, I couldn’t help but feel I was using him which does not sit easy with me at all. The whole story has blown my hat off and I can think of little else at the moment. I am trying to keep an open mind until we meet. I think I will even give it a go to see if it helps me make up my mind, but although an offer like his (and I can’t give more details) will only come once in my lifetime, the jury’s out as to whether I feel I can accept it, if indeed he is still offering it to me after we meet. Time will tell…..

Month 7 (Part 3) Feeling a tad jaded

Got back from first date with A of Westgate as mentioned in last blog and checked messages on line as usual and there was a very nice one from a new contact D (61) of Ipswich. We chatted on line for a couple of hours and seemed to get on well. He asked if we could phone chat next morning, which we did – twice – and agreed that in spite of the distance, it would be worth trying to meet. Actually was quite excited at the prospect of this one but have learnt not to count chickens and just as well as he seems to have perceptibly cooled over the last week and I’m not sure why.

Two other new contacts who seem keen but are really too far away have not only texted but phoned as well which was unusual to me until recently and are worth a mention as they may well crop up again.  R (67) from Twickenham who is going to be the next ‘Bad Boy’ to replace M of London, I think, with his constant texts, phone calls and even video calls. The other is T (55) from Gt. Yarmouth. He’s too far away but visits a friend in Kent in the summer so hopes to fit in a date then. He even tells me he has massage skills to so maybe hope of a good massage yet!

I had asked M of London if we were to go to bed once, would it ‘scratch the itch’ for him or did he think he’d only want more? His answer was that he’d be insatiable! Our last (I believe) conversation continued:

Then maybe best not to start. I’d come round to the idea that maybe just once would satisfy curiosity. Think you like the chase.

We need to do it

Not if it’s going to make life harder. [conversation continued about difficulties of meeting up for a good few weeks anyway and he said he could wait if he had to]

But for the longer term you need to find someone else anyway as if I do form an attachment, I shall not be unfaithful, it’s not my MO.

But you will fall for me

The reason I’m taking my time is that I’m picky and falling for you is not an option. You are taken. I know I could fall for you. Anyway, sex apart, I am too old for you. If you’re really trying to get me out of your system, delete our conversations and my number. I will understand and be proud of you for doing it – even if I miss our chats…….

I rattled on a little more telling him he should sort out his problems with his girlfriend because it is important. I haven’t heard from him since but am aware he has looked again at my profile on the website and re-visits our WhatsApp conversations (as I do too) but he is trying to do the right thing and break himself of the habit of contacting me.  I am proud of him (even though I know I’ll miss his messages) as I know he was hooked and if things had gone on I was in for some heartache too.

I still chat almost daily to my young friend in Africa whom I met when I first joined site 4. I seem to friends with his whole family now and I do keep a lonely young man company when he needs it sometimes. He lives in a major city but his mother lives in a village, some miles away. He calls me Mommy too and I’ve spoken to his real Mum and she is happy that I take an interest in him. It is a two way street because I have learned a lot about the way of life in his country for an ordinary person. If I ever manage to visit, which I hope I shall do one day, I won’t just get the tourist view.ugandan-flag-graphic

Well some like my blog and for others it’s a turn off –  better to be honest and find out early. This younger gent who might have been prepared to drive quite a distance to meet is obviously of the latter variety but it is good for me to have both points of view and that keeps my feet on the ground. This after sending a link to blog and a day’s silence from him:

So have I turned you off? If so quite understand. Just like to know.

Why do you want to tell strangers about your sex life? X

Not sex life exactly more dating journey. It’s cathartic to write and gives me a buzz that people I don’t know, in different countries even, enjoy reading it. I don’t think it’s smutty, just a little naughty here and there. Several women have told me they can identify with it. Some men like it, others don’t. That’s why I’m now upfront about it. Better they know from the start than I spring it later.

Well if you’re not really serious about finding someone then it’s up to you but it will turn a few men off and might send out a message you’re a bit of a time waster x

Ok thanks for the honest comment. Good luck in your search! Xx

So that’s told me! It might give the perception that I’m a time waster but actually think I waste less of other peoples’ time by sifting before I meet than raising hopes if I have no intention of following through. If informing them via the blog tells them how I do it, isn’t that just being honest?

Am getting bored with site 4 so have hidden my profile there for now. Actually went through the registration process of 3 more sites in one evening, filling out profiles etc. only to find their ‘free version’ is as useless as the first 3 sites I was on so deleted them straight away. At least I am more knowledgeable now as to what is worth paying for (for me) and what is not. No dates imminent but 2 booked in the coming fortnight and no shortage of chat so that will have to do me for now.

Month 5 (Part 2) The Cougar is prowling!

G (43) of Worthing had been chatting with me for two or three weeks and we got on really well. He had been out with older women before and preferred their company and conversation. As I was talking to him and M of Fulham mentioned previously, during the same period, I was struggling to make up my mind which I preferred and decided I’d meet both. As M was a ‘no show’ as mentioned before, the field was open for G. Although we both decided that a first date where I couldn’t talk was a bit of a farce so decided to postpone, we were, I think, equally disappointed. We ended up texting on KIK most of the evening so it was almost like a remote first date! We both were really looking forward to Friday and had even made tentative plans if we got on ok then, we might meet again the following Monday. The problem was that the distance between us geographically was an issue and March was scheduled to be a very busy month for me away from the dating scene (how inconvenient!). Sadly a family crisis arose for G that week and we not only didn’t get to meet on the Friday but not the following Monday either. I didn’t feel rejected as I understand family come first.

Very luckily for me, out of the blue on that Sunday I was contacted by a very handsome young man, R(46) from Woodstock, yet another who had ‘made a mistake’ in his age on his profile! He asked whether the change of age was an issue and I said not at all, more of an issue was the distance between us geographically. He then told me he often worked in my area so it need not be an issue at all, so I said that the next time he was working my way to drop me a line. Then the bombshell, “Well actually I’m working there tomorrow, is that too short notice?”  I was aware that I had sort of promised that if he was available I would see G that evening and told R that, but I was definitely free in the afternoon and if I hadn’t heard from G could be free for the evening too. Well G didn’t make contact, I am sure he will eventually, but I met with R and we spent a very pleasant few hours in each other’s company though I think I did more chatting than him. We had a few drinks and dinner and a bit of a kiss and cuddle. We seemed to enjoy one another’s company and said we’d meet again. I hope we do.

Ham eggschips

Becoming a daily problem but actually a guilty pleasure is M (42) from London who sooo much wants to come down and is convinced he can seduce me and I won’t be able to resist. Trouble is, he could be right but as he has a girlfriend whom he says he cares for but just doesn’t give him enough sex that for me is a no-no. I’m not in the business of deceit but I have to say I do find him very attractive and whether he is lying or not, he certainly makes me feel desirable. Trouble is, also, I think the more I turn him down, the more determined he is to make me change my mind. I suppose I should block him but if I’m honest I actually enjoy our conversations, they make me feel sexy hence as I say, he’s my guilty pleasure. Thank goodness he doesn’t drive so would have to come down by train and I would have to meet him at the station. At least that’s a safety measure!! I suspect if I let him meet me, my rules about limits on activities on first dates would go right out of the window. Better I don’t let him near me! To add to my discomfort, he rang me early one morning and I sleepily answered it without realising it was a video call. He really is a naughty fellow. I suppose I shouldn’t have gone along with it but did anyway. Left me with a smile on my face but think he was a little late for work.

Month 4 (Part 3) The search continues

J (58) from Birmingham, mentioned in the last blog contacted me again and said could we have another phone conversation continuing the ‘counselling session’ re the boy in the swimming baths etc. I was going to be on my own that evening so I agreed and he said he would send me some pictures that would help ‘make me feel horny’ so I would be ready for our phone call. He asked what would turn me on and I honestly didn’t know. He tried me out with gay and lesbian porn of various sorts and whilst some of it was fascinating in a disbelieving sort of way I had to admit that none of it excited me at all and I deleted it. He said I’d need to ask questions that would force him to tell stuff about the incidents at school etc. and I tried to formulate some questions but my heart wasn’t in it. The last straw came when he said he wouldn’t be ready for the phone call for a couple of hours. I said that whilst I was on my own now, I might not be in a couple of hours. He was not a happy bunny.  I said that this stuff is just not me and he should look for someone else and he agreed to call it a day saying if I knew someone else who would like to play, would I put them in touch? (Any of my readers like contact details??). Pity about the massage though, that’s both my potential masseurs in the reject file! I’m obviously just a ‘vanilla sex’ sort of girl.

J (64) in Ulster knows he’s in an impossible situation. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell we’re going to meet for a coffee and a chat but he pleaded to just be able to talk on line for a while. Even that was a struggle as every line of conversation I tried to open was answered with just one or two words. There was no photo at first but when I protested, he did post one up long enough for me to copy it and then took it down again. It seems he’s afraid his ‘date from hell’ will see it. I did say he could block her but he’s really worried about her and it’s a shame as he has little chance with the profile he’s got and no picture. He looks very friendly and I do feel sorry for him as he’s out on a limb. However, I told him that trying to hold a conversation with him was like stirring treacle. I said we’d try again and gave him another opening lead and he was obviously trying harder. He started to relax a bit over the following days but then, because I was sometimes multi-tasking when chatting with him so slow in responding, he started to go all shy again. I feel bad because he’s said some really lovely things to me but it’s really a waste of time for both of us. However, we are still in touch occasionally.

I got a surprise e-mail from A of Canterbury with whom I’d had the best first date with thus far, asking if I fancied another kiss and cuddle. I barely hesitated. At first the plan was that we’d go out for dinner but as it was glass-of-red-winethe Saturday before St. Valentine’s day and it was short notice, restaurants were busy. The plan changed and he said if I wanted to go to his home, he’d cook a meal and we could watch a film. I thought about it carefully as I realised I would be in a more vulnerable position but decided to throw caution to the wind and go and enjoy the evening, but did insist on driving my own car there (he’d offered to pick me up) and I put safety measures in place in case I got out of my depth and needed an excuse to get away. I am pleased to report that the meal was lovely (indeed he also has a beautiful house) however, I didn’t quite see all of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ due to our having quite a passionate cuddle.

I was due to meet P (74 ) of Bexhill who was going to travel to Ashford by train and again I said I’d meet him at the station and we’d have coffee locally. This time we had a phone call first so I didn’t have the same problem as the previous week with S of Shoeburyness. I’d always had reservations about the geographical distance between us and a few days before we were due to meet, he obviously also had the same reservations. He messaged and apologised profusely for letting me down but said he just didn’t think any sort of relationship was viable due to distances and I quite agreed and was a bit grateful he’d called off.

That said, I would have had two more first meets that week but had to cancel one as I had to wait in for an engineer to fix my boiler but as he is local, it was no problem. I did, however, meet at relatively short notice with R (63) from Dover. Meeting in a popular hostelry roughly equidistant between us for a coffee, we chatted easily but although each thought the other really nice, we were quite frank about what we hoped to get out of a relationship and decided that we had quite different agendas so one more profile ended up in the ‘reject file’. Perhaps it was time to meet up with some of my younger suiters or would they back off once offered an actual date?

Month 4 (Part 2) BDSM discussions

I’ve always tried to be polite and respond to everyone who even just says ’Hello’. I can’t eschew a lifetime of courtesy! The disadvantage of this is it opens up conversations with men I am not interested in, even if I tell them that as kindly as possible from my first message. Some are more pushy than others but please, do look at the screen shot I post here, this after only 4 exchanges each way. He has two young boys of 6 and 3 (said his wife died in childbirth after the second which may or may not be true).2017-02-01-22-38-47 The man is unhinged, I tried blocking twice but didn’t work well from my phone, by which time he was asking where I live etc. There was success when my daughter tried from a laptop –she also reported him to the site on my behalf for threatening and frightening messages. Kind of her and she’s probably right but she needn’t be quite so protective, I love her for it though! I did think his message was an interesting, if not unique, chat-up line!

I had a very long and frank WhatsApp conversation with G of Chelmsford (53) in which we established, I think, we would get on quite well outside the bedroom but things started to go pear-shaped when I realised he not only has a shoe fetish (no problem with that) but that he is also really into aspects of BDSM though would not insist I partake if we were together. I actually got a bit upset at the end of the evening and said I felt stupid and weak.  There was a lot to think about and he said I wasn’t as open minded as I protested and that I should read 50 Shades of Grey for a start. (It so happened I had been lent all 4 volumes though it’s never been a book that had appealed to me but thus challenged I read all 4 over the following 2 weeks.)

He contacted me first thing the next day and asked if I was ok and we continued with a perfectly normal conversation then he said that he was so relieved as he had thought I was ‘going to bale’ after our conversation the night before. I said I had seriously considered it but I did like him and had decided I would be happy to stay in touch for the time being. He said he was very relieved.

It’s really odd, but less than a week later, I was also contacted by J of Birmingham (58). We started a normal chat and then he said could I act as his councillor over an incident when he was 14 with a boy in the changing room in swimming lessons. I said I’d listen but was no councillor but then I said ‘Are we playing a game here?’  I am not going into details, but the conversation changed from messaging to phone but all the time, I was slightly out of my depth and not sure what was real and what was pretend. I had said this was a one off and when I was talking to him I was thinking ‘I’ll block him after this conversation’. However, we actually had a really long and interesting chat about BDSM and all sorts of ‘deviations’. He said the incident in the changing room was absolutely true. He has been a long time practitioner of BDSM and said that many people who practice it do so in an abusive way and that many got their ideas from films like 50 Shades! I said I hadn’t seen the films but was at present reading the books. Anyway, the upshot of the conversation was that I was aware that he is a highly intelligent man and I’m not as appalled as I thought I might be by some of the ideas he has planted. I’ve actually not blocked him nor deleted his number from my phone – especially as he says he’s a good masseur (G of Chelmsford claims this too, does it go with the territory?). Gosh! What is happening to me?

Date number 4 was with S (62) from Shoeburyness. He travelled by train and I met him at the station in a nearby town. I knew he was really eager before we met, he is keen on travel and some of the other interests I had listed but I knew within a minute of meeting him that I was going to struggle with this date. A good friend who has already successfully completed this process warned me at the outset that she never met anyone she hadn’t spoken to on the phone. I should have listened. As soon as he spoke I knew he wasn’t for me. He said he didn’t drink alcohol so I said ‘I drink like a fish’ (a slight exaggeration but true on occasions) but it didn’t put him off. However he had travelled a long way and I felt I at least owed him the date he had come down for and that he got but I did tell him early on that, for me, there was no spark. He soldiered on still hoping against hope I would change my mind. He was really smitten with me, which made it harder. In his head we were lovers who would be going on lovely holidays. The places in which he thought he would like to make love with me at least showed a bit of imagination! Cheeky devil even admitted that he had hoped to persuade me to go to a hotel with him that night. I told him that even if he’d been the bee’s knees he wouldn’t have succeeded in that!

I tried to let him down lightly but I hate hurting peoples’ feelings. He asked ‘Could we remain friends with benefits?’ but I said there would still have to be a spark for that, then could we just remain friends and he would come and see me whenever I wasn’t busy? He thought I might change my mind on reflection but I won’t. Gosh, I hate this part of the process. I agreed to remain friends for the time being but only if he kept searching for someone else. He sent several very explicit messages that evening to which I didn’t respond. I thought about it overnight and decided to put an end to it for his sake and mine and messaged him to that effect next morning but wishing him luck.

Post Script:  G of Chelmsford has gone back to his ex-girlfriend but said as I was a nice honest lady he didn’t mind if we kept in touch. I responded that it wouldn’t be fair on his girlfriend so to delete our conversations but keep my mob. details if he wished. I said I would not message him again unless he made contact first and wished him well, hoping that his relationship would really work for him and I meant it. However that means in one day my shortlist diminished by 2. Luckily there are several in the wings waiting to move up and new contacts most days. This is definitely a numbers game and the only way I can deal with it is to be a bit methodical. Sounds cold but I think if in any other way I won’t know which way to turn. I fixed a date for the following week with P (73) of Bexhill. Decided I’d deal with the oldest contender first before venturing out with some of the very attractive younger men who seem to genuinely want to date though obviously not looking for a long term relationship. One of those who lives relatively close has just said he’d like to meet so hope springs eternal!


Month 3 (Part 4) GILF or Mrs Robinson?

I mentioned in my last blog that there were young men in their 20’s contacting me. Most I was able to fob off in a light-hearted way, telling them they would be better going out and making friends of their own age in the real world than mailing ladies like me.  Apart from my African lad mentioned before, there were two others who have had quite an effect on me, one not for the good. I’ll talk about the latter first, J of Lancaster, 24 years old. A budding entrepreneur who has started his own business, he just wanted to talk to an older woman and that perhaps I could advise him. I’m such a softy! We messaged for a while on the site then he asked if we could use WhatsApp and I agreed.

The conversation continued during the afternoon but gradually got more personal. Then he or I (can’t remember whom) had other things to do and we said goodbye. I had remarked that his photo on the website was so ‘arty’ that I couldn’t actually see the features on his face.  Later that evening he was messaging me again and he said he’d taken a picture just for me. It was a face and bare shoulders shot showing his delicate face complete with lip piercings. He asked to talk some more and against my better judgement we did, including a short video chat. I am not going to go into details but the upshot was, I thought, a very happy young man at the finish but he said he needed to disappear for 5 minutes and that was the last I saw or heard from him for 10 days. I was so worried in case he was more vulnerable than I had thought. I didn’t worry that night but messaged him both on WhatsApp and the website over the next couple of days just to ask if he was ok and said if he’d just confirm that, I’d not contact him again, but nothing. I felt really guilty and although it was he who had made all the running, I felt as if I’d seduced him.  I was even beginning to worry that I had been such a bad influence that he might have harmed himself. 4 days later, I could bear it no longer. I telephoned his number, he answered but when I said ‘J, are you OK?’ he just hung up. That was enough though. I had recognised his voice and so felt relieved. I didn’t expect to ever hear from him again but some 10 days later he messaged me again out of the blue. I told him in no uncertain terms what he had put me through and said I wasn’t going to go through that again. He didn’t apologise, said I was being silly and that he’d had trouble with his phone but it was all fixed now which, apart from the fact he’d answered his phone, didn’t explain all. He could have contacted me through the website.  He said he still liked me and wanted to talk. I told him he was a lovely young man and wished him every success in his life but I was now going to delete our conversations and his contact details from my phone (I’d archived our earlier conversation just in case I later found out I was to blame for him doing something silly). He tried ringing me three times in quick succession whilst I was doing this but I declined them and blocked his number. I never want to feel that guilty again.

There is less to say about the other young man who is 20.  I think our friendship has been rather inspiring and encouraging on both sides. Because he first made contact just after I had gone through the wringer with J (above) he got the whole story and was so supportive and kind. I think I have helped him too and been a friend but now we’ve both decided we need to break apart gently. Contact details have been deleted so we only ‘speak’ on the website and that will gradually cease. He is a fine young man and I hope his parents are very proud of him.

I have decided no more chats with different young men in their 20’s, I am having enough trouble keeping up with those in their 30’s and 40’s! Trouble there is that I can talk the talk but a bit scared to walk the walk in case I can’t keep up! More next time.

Month 3 (Part 3) It seems I’m a GILF!

I’m told by my very good friend who is a ‘Woman of the World’ that I needed to have read Nancy Friday’s book ‘Men in Love’, a psychological book about men’s sexual fantasies and understanding them. I took her advice and downloaded it on to my Kindle. What a HUGE book. I consider I’m a fast reader but it took me days. However, I am so glad I did as it was to stand me in good stead over the next weeks. For fun, I was also lent the DVD box set of ‘The Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ with Billie Piper. My education was expanding dramatically, in all senses!20170128_115021

The latest dating site (4) was bringing mostly a very different type of interest. The demographic of the site, as well as being international is also mainly younger and although in my search criteria I had still put 58-78 years, the interest I was attracting (with my new photos) brought messages from age 20 up. I thought it was a mistake at first but apparently not. Just one lad of 23 and living in Africa was genuinely after a pen friend (yes we ‘talk’ nearly every day and I have learnt so much about his way of life) but others who ‘only wanted to talk’ eventually disclosed they were genuinely turned on by me, fancy that!

Several in their 30’s propositioned me in no uncertain terms. 4 or 5 times I was called a GILF – I had to ask my son what it meant. For those of my generation who are also baffled and haven’t a suitable younger person to ask, I suggest you consult Google! Was I shocked? Actually, apart from being technically incorrect as I have no grandchildren, I thought it was a hoot and quite flattered.

Particularly persistent were a local guy (as no pic was a bit worried in case we knew each other – we don’t, phew!) and one from Israel who was threatening to fly in to see me. I was already with women 2 years from your country and she was 72 years old, Please try. We talk and we will see, Ok?’ was just one of his persistent messages. Both these 2 were early 30’s and I probably disgraced myself but did a deal with them both that if I sent them some pix would they please leave me alone. Selfies have never been my strong point but I managed to take some boob pix and crop my face out of them.  On the understanding they would go no further, I sent them. I can’t say I wasn’t amused at the reaction and told myself in any case it’s little different to sunbathing topless on a beach (though that’s also something I wouldn’t do these days!).  One kept his side of the bargain after a bit more chat but I had to block the other. I kept the pix on file so I wouldn’t have to take more when required (as they surely were). For those that wanted pix of other areas, they were told  ‘I might do eroticism but I don’t do porn’. In any case even if I wanted to I couldn’t reach without a selfie stick! Just one other point before I leave this subject, why is that men, even when asked specifically not to, feel compelled to send ‘dick pix’ often having measured the length? One guy completely went the wrong way about trying to persuade me to send pix. First he offered to swap and I said definitely not, then he said would I sell some for money?  I was outraged (though I was smiling) and said absolutely not. He deleted his profile within hours (or maybe the site deleted him?). It wouldn’t have changed my answer but I did think maybe I should have asked how much he would have been willing to pay!

It was about this time, that someone suggested I write a Blog so here I am but there’s more to come.