Month 9 See dem Piggies!

I revealed my profile on sites 4 and 5 again as was getting a bit frustrated with nothing moving forward. I was contacted by a guy in Manchester, shan’t give him a name initial as we shan’t be talking again but he is 54 years old. He made initial contact and I wasn’t overly attracted and as he lived a long distance away, said there wasn’t any mileage in keeping contact, but he persisted so I agreed to talk on KIK for a while to see how it went. It started off ok and whilst he was quite explicit from the outset, I went along with it for a day or two. However, he was into a type of roleplay which although I went along with it the first time, when he ‘stayed in character’ each time he contacted me I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with it. I challenged him about it more than once. He said eventually that he’d decided to drop it with me but wanted to stay in touch as he felt there was a real connection, I disagreed and said I didn’t think there was. Instead of just saying good-bye and leaving it at that, he sent me a last message saying I am obviously too old and set in my ways to change. He said that I say I’m willing to try things but am not open minded. He continued that he would delete my contact details and I just replied that maybe he’s right and that I would do the same. His idea of roleplay was incestuous and he said I needed to divorce roleplay from reality but I’m not  ashamed of being uncomfortable with that sort of activity and I was even more cross that he was asking questions about my own children. Some people do leave a nasty taste in the mouth and he’s one who has. I should have followed first instincts.

Thank goodness there were still others in regular contact who make me feel good about myself. I also resurrected 3 contacts who had shown interest in the past but I hadn’t really had time to follow through and meet. In addition I had one or two new contacts, in particular G (41) from Bridge who contacted me on Saturday and we met on the seafront of my home town the next day. A Bohemian individual, who would not usually be ‘my type’ but is obviously very intelligent and he certainly interested me. We spent a few hours ‘pub crawling’ round the town but it was difficult to find somewhere both comfortable and quiet to chat. We parted with a kiss and an agreement to meet again soon. Indeed later agreed to meet the following Saturday

I was already committed to go to Suffolk for a couple of days this week and planned to meet T (55) from Great Yarmouth on the first day and D (61) from Ipswich on the second. I duly trundled up the A12 but the pub I had chosen to stay in was truly out ‘in the sticks’ and I had trouble finding it. I didn’t arrive till just after 2pm and the kitchen had stopped serving food. As I’d left home without breakfast, I was disappointed. They couldn’t even make me a sandwich as the oven was being deep cleaned and the kitchen was out of bounds, not a happy bunny! Both meetings happened but sadly did not quite come up to expectations for different reasons, no-one’s fault but disappointing. I was supposed to have another first date on Friday evening too (strangely with someone from my ‘jinxed’ area where nothing works out) and true to form he cancelled.

Saturday arrived and I met again with G (41) of Bridge, he was supposed to be bringing a DVD to mine to watch as he’s a bit of a film buff but sadly he forgot it and my collection is not much to his taste – he likes small budget British films and old B movies not Hollywood blockbusters. Never mind, we found something to view whilst we chatted and shared a bottle or two of wine. I know we shall have quite a friendship.

My dear friend and ‘woman of the world’ has this small garden statue which I have always found amusing. I think now is a good time to share a picture of it with you as it may be my last blog. Is this ‘bringing home the bacon’?

Piggies 3cropped

I am due to meet R (67) from Twickenham on Wednesday afternoon. I shall continue to keep in touch with guys I am already talking to but shall not seek new friends for now so this may be my last blog on the subject but time will tell. Since starting my journey last October, I have had 15 first dates (most of them pleasant, if not likely to lead anywhere) and 4 second dates so I really don’t think that is excessive. I have found the whole experience enlightening and enjoyable and if I decide to return to dating sites, I’ll be so much better prepared next time.


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