Month 7 (Part 1) – Disappointments and Nice Surprises

Well Easter is past and I am back in the fray. It’s interesting how I can still be misled so easily by profiles though. One fellow who lives in Devon in a town I know very well sent me a very suggestive opening message and when I looked at his profile it was all about casual sex and one night stands. As I’ve said before, I always try and send a polite reply to any message so I ignored his remarks and profile but said that I knew the town he lives in quite well, and he responded at once and we had a lovely text conversation about lots of local changes and other places he asked if I knew etc., not at all what I expected.

In contrast, a man who lives more locally, I won’t give him even an initial yet as the jury is still out as to whether I will meet him, though this is becoming doubtful, is obviously well educated and we started off a lovely chat about Classical Spain. After a few days of silence, he came back to me, saying how turned on he is by me and how much he wants to meet me, then said could he ask a big favour. I responded, saying that it depended what it was but he could try me. He asked for pictures of me in underwear (or without it) and some quite specific areas. I told him “No” and that I don’t do those sort of pics but he tried persuading me saying that it’s not porn, just fun. I was quite shocked as I didn’t think he would be that sort of fellow at all. I’m really rather disappointed as until that point I had thought him a good prospect. Just goes to show that it’s too easy to make assumptions based on the persona a person wants to portray themselves as on websites.

My ninth first date was with R (51) of Newington. He first made contact some months ago, and I had slightly put him off, mainly on the grounds he lived on the wrong side of the Dartford Crossing, though if I had been keen enough, I’d still have attempted a meet. He made contact after I got back from holiday and reinstated my profile on site, welcoming me back. I repeated that his location was still a problem but he said he was now living with his father and considerably closer to me! I agreed that was much more doable and we chatted on line a bit then exchanged phone numbers so we could text or phone and agreed a date. He said he had been keen since our earlier communications and sounded very gentlemanly. There was a slight miscommunication as I had thought we were meeting before Easter and he had meant the week following but that was sorted out.

He had warned me he could not get to our date till 9pm which is rather later than I would choose to meet but I agreed and the choice of venue was mine. Sadly he was further delayed but at least he did let me know, however, by the time he joined me I had nearly drunk two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc! That said, when he did arrive (cold as he’d thought I would not have waited in a bar on my own so assumed I was outsideshoes somewhere – he obviously hadn’t yet got my measure) we had a pleasant chat then a pretty hot kiss and cuddle in the car. We agreed to meet again. I was particularly touched that he was happy for me to carry on dating others, knowing anyway, that I wouldn’t become ‘exclusive’ to anyone until I’d had several dates with anyone. Jealousy is not a pleasant trait. He would just be happy for me to have my fun finding my way, he’d just like to be part of my journey.

The following week-end brought a flurry of new interest and some of it quite interesting. Two men living in different parts of London seemed quite keen to meet me and one in a market town some 20 miles away. I don’t have any luck with guys from this town even when I think there are possibilities. I shall give this one a bit more time to see how it goes but if he ends up in the reject file as I think may be the case he will be about the 5th from a particular area to do so and it’s not an area that I have any problem with per se, indeed I have friends who live there. Dates that I’ve arranged there with fellows from other places have never happened either. It seems jinxed for me!

What a pleasant surprise! G (43) from Worthing is back from his hols (a little later than I had expected) and has made contact. I told him he was becoming a regular feature in the blog for the last few weeks and he thought he better catch up with it. I wouldn’t have done it 3 months ago, but I have now started warning guys I am likely to meet (and some that I am not) that I am writing the blog. It seems fairer to be upfront about it and if it bothers them, they need not meet me. I point out that no-one is identified and if I write a significant piece about our meeting then I usually send them copy before it is published so they can be reassured that they are not going to be ridiculed or identified.

Been back on line for about 10 days now and it’s as if I never left! Some guys are becoming more like internet pen-friends, I guess it’s a way for all of us to relieve a little loneliness or boredom. That said, I still get 4 or 5 new hits a day between the two sites so I am more than happy.


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