Month 4 (Part 2) BDSM discussions

I’ve always tried to be polite and respond to everyone who even just says ’Hello’. I can’t eschew a lifetime of courtesy! The disadvantage of this is it opens up conversations with men I am not interested in, even if I tell them that as kindly as possible from my first message. Some are more pushy than others but please, do look at the screen shot I post here, this after only 4 exchanges each way. He has two young boys of 6 and 3 (said his wife died in childbirth after the second which may or may not be true).2017-02-01-22-38-47 The man is unhinged, I tried blocking twice but didn’t work well from my phone, by which time he was asking where I live etc. There was success when my daughter tried from a laptop –she also reported him to the site on my behalf for threatening and frightening messages. Kind of her and she’s probably right but she needn’t be quite so protective, I love her for it though! I did think his message was an interesting, if not unique, chat-up line!

I had a very long and frank WhatsApp conversation with G of Chelmsford (53) in which we established, I think, we would get on quite well outside the bedroom but things started to go pear-shaped when I realised he not only has a shoe fetish (no problem with that) but that he is also really into aspects of BDSM though would not insist I partake if we were together. I actually got a bit upset at the end of the evening and said I felt stupid and weak.  There was a lot to think about and he said I wasn’t as open minded as I protested and that I should read 50 Shades of Grey for a start. (It so happened I had been lent all 4 volumes though it’s never been a book that had appealed to me but thus challenged I read all 4 over the following 2 weeks.)

He contacted me first thing the next day and asked if I was ok and we continued with a perfectly normal conversation then he said that he was so relieved as he had thought I was ‘going to bale’ after our conversation the night before. I said I had seriously considered it but I did like him and had decided I would be happy to stay in touch for the time being. He said he was very relieved.

It’s really odd, but less than a week later, I was also contacted by J of Birmingham (58). We started a normal chat and then he said could I act as his councillor over an incident when he was 14 with a boy in the changing room in swimming lessons. I said I’d listen but was no councillor but then I said ‘Are we playing a game here?’  I am not going into details, but the conversation changed from messaging to phone but all the time, I was slightly out of my depth and not sure what was real and what was pretend. I had said this was a one off and when I was talking to him I was thinking ‘I’ll block him after this conversation’. However, we actually had a really long and interesting chat about BDSM and all sorts of ‘deviations’. He said the incident in the changing room was absolutely true. He has been a long time practitioner of BDSM and said that many people who practice it do so in an abusive way and that many got their ideas from films like 50 Shades! I said I hadn’t seen the films but was at present reading the books. Anyway, the upshot of the conversation was that I was aware that he is a highly intelligent man and I’m not as appalled as I thought I might be by some of the ideas he has planted. I’ve actually not blocked him nor deleted his number from my phone – especially as he says he’s a good masseur (G of Chelmsford claims this too, does it go with the territory?). Gosh! What is happening to me?

Date number 4 was with S (62) from Shoeburyness. He travelled by train and I met him at the station in a nearby town. I knew he was really eager before we met, he is keen on travel and some of the other interests I had listed but I knew within a minute of meeting him that I was going to struggle with this date. A good friend who has already successfully completed this process warned me at the outset that she never met anyone she hadn’t spoken to on the phone. I should have listened. As soon as he spoke I knew he wasn’t for me. He said he didn’t drink alcohol so I said ‘I drink like a fish’ (a slight exaggeration but true on occasions) but it didn’t put him off. However he had travelled a long way and I felt I at least owed him the date he had come down for and that he got but I did tell him early on that, for me, there was no spark. He soldiered on still hoping against hope I would change my mind. He was really smitten with me, which made it harder. In his head we were lovers who would be going on lovely holidays. The places in which he thought he would like to make love with me at least showed a bit of imagination! Cheeky devil even admitted that he had hoped to persuade me to go to a hotel with him that night. I told him that even if he’d been the bee’s knees he wouldn’t have succeeded in that!

I tried to let him down lightly but I hate hurting peoples’ feelings. He asked ‘Could we remain friends with benefits?’ but I said there would still have to be a spark for that, then could we just remain friends and he would come and see me whenever I wasn’t busy? He thought I might change my mind on reflection but I won’t. Gosh, I hate this part of the process. I agreed to remain friends for the time being but only if he kept searching for someone else. He sent several very explicit messages that evening to which I didn’t respond. I thought about it overnight and decided to put an end to it for his sake and mine and messaged him to that effect next morning but wishing him luck.

Post Script:  G of Chelmsford has gone back to his ex-girlfriend but said as I was a nice honest lady he didn’t mind if we kept in touch. I responded that it wouldn’t be fair on his girlfriend so to delete our conversations but keep my mob. details if he wished. I said I would not message him again unless he made contact first and wished him well, hoping that his relationship would really work for him and I meant it. However that means in one day my shortlist diminished by 2. Luckily there are several in the wings waiting to move up and new contacts most days. This is definitely a numbers game and the only way I can deal with it is to be a bit methodical. Sounds cold but I think if in any other way I won’t know which way to turn. I fixed a date for the following week with P (73) of Bexhill. Decided I’d deal with the oldest contender first before venturing out with some of the very attractive younger men who seem to genuinely want to date though obviously not looking for a long term relationship. One of those who lives relatively close has just said he’d like to meet so hope springs eternal!



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