How it started

I am a 68 year old, full-figured woman and have been widowed for 12 years and voluntarily and happily celibate most of that time (I had a little dalliance in a long-distance relationship about 6 years ago). I was born the only child of older parents (not unusual after the war) and had a strict upbringing.  I met my future husband whilst I was still at school, he was my first real boyfriend, got married at 18 and was totally faithful to him, and he to me, during our marriage. Thus, I suppose, in spite of having had a healthy sex life together, in terms of worldliness in these matters maybe I was a tad naïve.  We tried to give all three of our children the confidence to tread their own paths in all matters and they have. Hence they all have a far more knowledgeable view of the matters I am going to talk about than I did – but I’m learning fast!

I was actually looking on a website for temporary work when a pop-up advert for an on-line dating site for Older Folk piqued my interest and I thought I’d have a look. Being a complete novice, I didn’t realise I would  have to complete a Profile before I could browse at all and whilst it was free to get this far, if I wanted to interact at all I would have to pay a subscription. I resisted for a few days but then curiosity got the better of me and I decided to pay for a month (the longer you sign up for the cheaper per month it gets but I wasn’t sure whether this was for me).  At least I had the sense to set up a new e-mail without my name on it. This was Mid October 2016.


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